Glasshaus Gardens provides sustainable herbs, traditional medicine & KALEIDOSCOPIC cacti and tropical starts. We have committed to embarking on regenerative agriculture with newly purchased land in Southeast Portland. Our soil rich acre is new to our family but once hosted farm fresh eggs for Fred Meyers back in the 60’s. The land has been cultivated for decades and we look to continue the regenerative practices. Our goal is to grow as sustainably as possible for the earth, our plants and our consumers. We recognize the synergy and interconnection of all our systems including our horticulture techniques, our people and the processes we use always devoted to being good stewards to the earth.

Dirt meets aesthetic design combined with a love for botany. 

Owner, designer and self proclaimed "plantnerd" Ashley Ramona Preece has been cultivating tropical & specimen plants, organic edible herbs and vegetables since she emerged herself in the BAS program of Horticultural Sciences from Boise State University in 2001.  She grew up in the foothills of the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho where she gained her passion around horticulture, botany and the design of plant matter.  The last 2 decades have been a progression of plant design, propagation and cultivation to which Glasshaus Gardens emerged. 

Full circle, Preece also successfully co-founded a botanical analytical lab, Cascadia Labs, testing terpenes, potency and pesticide residual analysis.  Ashley uses her experience of Organic field audits as well as her education through ISEAL Alliance sustainable workshops in the U.K. to pursue her passion for navigating robust, regenerative standards for the cultivation and implementation of botany and plant design.